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Codotex 3

Tubular elastic dressing retainer
Destination: palm, foot
Manufacturer symbol: TX-SO-0301, TX-SO-0310
Composition: 70-80% polyamide yarn (elastil, nylon, poliamid), and 20-30% polyurethane yarn (lycra, spandex, elastan, dorlastan)


Ferita manufactured elastic dressing retainer. CODOTEX is a tubular stretch net product range designed  to keep dressings in place y applying presure. CODOTEX is available in 8 sizes each dedicated for a particular part of the body. It can be used by qualified medical personel as well as patient himself.

Size Use*
1 finger
2 palm, finger
3 palm, foot
4 shank, knee, arm, foot, elbow
6 head, arm, shank, knee
8 thigh, head, hips
10 hips, abdomen
14 thorax, abdomen

* To pick appropriate size of the retainer one should always consult patient’s figure.


Due to simplicaty of usage and significantly reduced time of applying the dressing using CODOTEX in comparision to traditional bandage, CODOTEX is recomended for wound dressing in medical facilities as well as in everyday life.

CODOTEX dressing retainers are recommended for:

– holding the dressing in areas that are difficult to reach,

– holding the dressing of burn wounds,

– holding the dresing of all sorts of dislocations and sprains,

– difficult to dress children wounds.


– it should not be applied directly on the wound or used underneath a plaster cast,

– it should not be utilised after expiration date,

– in case of excessive pressure one should use a bigger size of the CODOTEX retainer.


– product is non sterile.