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Elastic compression bandage 4mx12cm

Elastic compression bandage:
Manufacturer symbol: TX-OT-0412


Elastic compression bandage are used to affix the injuries of the musculoskeletal system. They can be also used to support the dressing and serve as a bandage lightly-oppressive. Elastic bands are woven reusable products. They are sold in a non-sterile state in four different sizes with a length of 4m and 5m


Elastic bands are designed to:

– Supporting dressing wounds,

– Treatment of injuries and as lightly compression bandage.


– Do not use nets directly on the wound and the plaster dressings,

– Should not be used after the expiry date,

– In the event of excessive pressure, remove the band and put it on again using a smaller force of the tension.


– product is non-sterile,

– washed in water at a temperature of 40 degrees,

– use of detergents for synthetic fibers,

– dried in an uncompressed state,

– do not iron.