Knitted Bandage 4mx10cm     Knitted Bandage 4mx15cm  

Knitted Bandage 4mx5cm

Knitted Bandage:
Manufacturer symbol: TX-OD-0405


Knitted bandage is lightweight inelastic support bandage for supporting dressings, fixing venous catheters and medical cables, etc.

The bandage is gentle and kind to the skin and has a very good air permeability. Viscose knitted bandages are disposable products. They are sold in a non-sterile state in three different sizes.


Knitted bandages are designed to:
– Supporting dressing wounds,

– For mounting medical accessories etc.


– Do not use bandage directly on the wound and under the plaster dressings,

– Should not be used after the expiry date,

– In the event of excessive pressure, remove the band and put it on again using a smaller force of the tension.


– product is non-sterile.