Production Machinery

-packaging machines:

we offer various types of packaging machines such as:

  • horizontal packaging machines Flow Pack wrappers with different regulatory settings and performance, using in a variety of industries, eg. in food packaging biscuits, bread, vegetables, wafers, chocolates, candies, etc .. We offer a semi-automatic and automatic machines equipped with servomotors .;
  • vertical packaging machines, from small machine that can pack tea till large machines equipped with weighing heads, forming different types of bags – pillow, doypack, four-seal, ziplock, with holes: euroslot or three fingers. Machine type start-stop and continuation. Typical applications include: flour, flakes, granules, spices, chips, semi-liquid or liquid products, etc .;

We have a full range of accessories and auxiliary equipment for packaging machines that we offer..

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-textile machines:

Our offer comprises textile machines produced by Polish company, such as:

  • Crochet machines for cords and elastic bands, shoelaces, ropes up 30 mm;
  • Warping machines for ribbons, bands, bandages etc.;
  • Calenders for finishing of small – wares;
  • Twisting machine for yarns, technical cords and ropes up 30 mm in diameter, paper matches;
  • Tipping machines – half-automatic type for lace tipping with acetate film;
  • Warping machine for yarn warping on shafts;
  • Packaging machines-for measuring ,spooling on hanks, bobbins, rolls ,cylinders and for cutting ;
  • Machines for winding and spooling of small-wares on H type bobbins;
  • Winders for plaiting machines, machines for measuring and winding of elastic and knitted dressings.

Additionally we import various machines and devices such as looms, glazing machines, waxing machines, automatic tipping machines for laces and bags.